The Harbour Farm Vineyard

My-Own-Vine® Adopt Now

Have you dreamed of owning a vineyard?  Or a full-fledged winery?
That’s quite an undertaking!  If you don’t have the time or the wherewithal, you can always participate in the vine adoption program at the Harbour Farm vineyard!

Perfect to Mark a Special Occasion

You can officially adopt a vine or multiple vines in your own name or as a gift!  It’s a unique and lasting way of celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or college graduation.  A festive gift for the holidays!  Or a special way to ‘raise a glass’ to the memory of a loved one.

Founders My-Own-Vine® Program

Five years … $79.95
Nurturing grape vines from planting until maturity is not an easy task!  It requires love, vigilance and tenacity on our part — and patience on yours!  We want to make certain that you retain the adoption rights until fruition (literally) — and that you actually receive a bottle of wine produced from the grapes of your vine (combined with others from the Harbour Farm vineyard).

For your adoption fee, you will get:

  • A numbered certificate of adoption suitable for framing that includes varietal and vine location.  (Click to see a sample!)
  • A personalized and numbered vine tag to match certificate, to be placed on your vine.
  • A photograph of your vine being planted.  (Option:  You can plant the vine yourself on our festive Planting Day!).
  • Annually updated digital photo of your vine.
  • A pair of Harbour Farm & Vineyard wine glasses.
  • Unlimited visits to Harbour Farm and Vineyard for the duration of your recorded adoption.
  • Special opportunities for events and discounts.

You will receive a commemorative etched and personalized bottle of wine, once your vine is producing.  
Your fruit will be used in the production.  
Planting Day at Harbour Farm & Vineyard will be a family affair with music, wine tasting, and artisan food — all in
celebration of planting your vine(s)!  
At conclusion of the Founders My-Own-Vine® adopt a vine program, you will have the opportunity to enroll your vine in an
established renewal program with special options.

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